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Jack Davis

When the time comes to sell your existing property you may be unsure where to start, what to do to prepare your property for sale, what the best time frame is, and of course the biggest decision who to call!
Davis Realty Corporation has an enviable track record of getting homes sold quickly, often for more money than the asking price. The secret is treating your property to a detailing similar to what most people would do when they are selling a car. You see, the secret is really not so secret and we believe that your property should look great before it is ever seen by a potential Buyer.
Rather than staging your home to an artificial level of perfection or undergoing expensive unneeded renovations, our focus is on eliminating negative impacts and highlighting the best of your property. Every dollar spent in getting your property ready for sale needs to have a specific return or it is just wasted money! Most often there is little need to spend any significant amount of money however, in the event you need specific trades to get it done we have access to professional, reasonably priced services who treat our clients very well.
Buyers of today need to see themselves in a potential home and for the most part do not have the additional funds to customize a home after purchase! We believe in keeping it simple but effective, and at no additional cost to you! Want to see the before and after proof of careful detailing?

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